Are you overwhelmed with all the things you have to do to get your business to the next level?


Do you need accountability to make sure you get things done and stop you hiding or procrastinating?

Are you ready for greater success in your business?  And excited to grow and run a profitable business on your terms?

Imagine what that might mean to you…

More clients, more impact, more visibility, more confidence? It might mean being able to invest more in your business, take on some help or even give yourself a pay rise!

Feeling proud of yourself and no longer cringing when someone asks you how business is going.

If you’ve previously dismissed coaching as too expensive then read on ……

Let me introduce you to my Business Accountability Board.

It’s a small group of carefully selected Business Owners who are ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to making their business a success in 2020.

A close knit community personally coached and mentored by me to give you just what you need at the right time. An invaluable safe place to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback. You will get step by step hand holding to grow your business to the next level from wherever it is now.

A place where you will be held accountable for doing what you say you’re going to do.

This is a high-value, low-cost way to get access to premium coaching and mentoring that will get you the progress you want in your business.

If you’re serious about getting results, then apply to join us.

I have been working with Suzanne on her Business Accountability Board for a month now and just wow! I seriously wished I’d done this before. Within a week, I’d noticed a difference in my business and myself. I honestly can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough. She has changed everything for me. She is patient, kind, supportive, understanding and so many other wonderful qualities. She is a fountain of all knowledge – if Suzanne doesn’t know it then its not worth knowing. All aspects of the business are covered and covered expertly too! She brings out qualities in you that you never knew you had, and gives you alternative ways to think about things. If you are procrastinating then STOP – just do it, you honestly wont regret one single second.

I love working with Suzanne and honestly wished I’d done this months ago.

Donna Vittozzi

Baileys New Cars Direct

Connect, Collaborate, Grow

Want to know why it’s called a Board?

I know from experience how powerful it is to have a group of intelligent, interested people focused on supporting your business. The board of directors’ key purpose is to ensure the company’s prosperity by collectively directing the company’s matters.

Plus the purpose of the board meeting is to get a pulse on the business and to check-in on the health and profitability of the company. The agenda that we will follow will form the basis for getting valuable information, addressing important matters and making decisions

Here’s what you get:
Before we start
• A 1-2-1 call with me to map out what you to achieve in the next 3 months and discuss the results of your Talent Dynamics profile. (Value £200)
• A Talent Dynamics profile test which assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour to determine where your path of least resistance is. It will give you insight and clarity on yourself and your interactions with others. It will also give you insight into how you can best communicate with other’s so they feel connected to and understand your message.  (Value $97/ £80)

Each month
• Expert guidance from me on a 1-2-1 and in a small group setting.
• A monthly 1-2-1 deep dive coaching call with me where you set your goals for the forth coming month and we banish any anxiety or overwhelm. (Value £200 per month)
• A monthly group call where you get time in the hot seat to talk about any area of your business you want help with. You’ll gain the collective wisdom and support of the group. (Value £300 per month)
• Additional support in the form of live stream or worksheets and guidance with business systems will be provided depending on the needs of the group. (Value £200 per month)
• A Facebook group to share and connect. We’ll hold your hand and cheer you on and if needed give you a quick shove to make you stop procrastinating and move on. (Value £50 per month)
• Group accountability to keep you motivated, moving forward and structure to banish the overwhelm.

So that’s £280 value before we even start. Plus £700 worth of value per month.

Total £3430 value.

What if I told you that you get all this for £900?

Plus there is a monthly payment plan of £300 with no additional charge

An absolute bargain!

You’ve really got no excuses not to get the support you need.

The participants who joined the first Business Accountability Board have been gaining fabulous results.

Now it’s your turn to join us plus you benefit from the repository of worksheets, videos that have been created so far. These cover topics such as setting goals planning your marketing, improving your social media profiles, creating content that makes your ideal client stop and read, and using tools such as Canva and Trello to get organised.

If you miss feeling like you are part of a team and feel very isolated in trying to build your business on your own, then I would highly recommend joining Suzanne’s Business Accountability Board (BAB). I love our monthly group meetings and the ongoing exchange of differing perspectives, but also knowing that I’m not on my own with the struggles I have. There is always someone in the group that is in a similar position and often another that has had breakthroughs with tips that they are willing share. The comradeship is amazing. Suzanne is a powerhouse of knowledge and she keeps us on our toes, in a good challenging supportive way. Since joining BAB my confidence both in my business and my personal life has soared.
Sharon Bradbrook-Armit

Autism Thinking in Shades of Grey Ltd

I enjoyed every second of the Business Accountability Board, the best part was to feel part of a supportive team which I feel is so important when you are working alone from home. I loved the process of setting weekly objectives and being held accountable weekly, it put pressure on me which I loved. I also learned lots of new things, got inspired, got lots of new ideas and increased my profile and social media followers. I highly recommend the program to anyone else who wants to move their business forward in consistent way. Suzanne is so calm, organized, helpful and a fountain of knowledge and experience.
Ingela Olsson-Nagorksi

Ingela's Kitchen

Hi, I’m Suzanne

I’m Suzanne Mountain, your personal business mentor and mindset coach. I understand what it takes to grow a profitable business that connects you to clients you love. I get it! Because I’m doing it too!

For the past three years like you, I’ve been building my business. Prior to that, I’ve had years of corporate business leadership behind me. I have coaching qualifications from Henley Business School, Reading University and a post-graduate diploma in Psychology of organisation development and change management, I know the theory! More importantly, I love supporting businesses to grow.

You want to run your own profitable business attracting clients without the hustle and living YOUR best life.

You’re sick of trying to figure it out on your own and you don’t want to waste more time and money.

However, you’re wondering how you can achieve your goals without working 24/7.

Now you don’t have to!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it called a Board?






Why is it called a Board?

Once a business starts to grow to a certain size other Directors are appointed. It becomes the responsibility of the Directors to ensure that the business continues to grow. Most small business miss out on the breadth of skills, knowledge and experience this brings. I wanted to create that supportive environment for small business owners.

2. When does it start?


When does it start?

We start on Tuesday 14th February. You will be welcomed into the private Facebook group and will be able to introduce yourself and start to get to know your fellow board members during the week before.


3. Is there a face to face meet-up?


Is there a face to face meet-up?

The plan is that the board runs online so that geography is not a restriction to access. However, should all members decide that they would like a face to face meeting then I will see what can be arranged. This would be at an additional cost.

4. Why do I need to apply to join?

Why do I need to apply to join?

It is important that the group is made up of people who are committed to growing their business and want similar things from the Board and so that is why you need to complete the application questions and have a call with Suzanne beforehand you are accepted. When you click apply now you will be taken through to the application questions and to book a 30 minute call with Suzanne to discuss the programme in more detail.

5. How do I get access to the Board?

How do I get access to the Board?

The board will be run through a closed Facebook group and using Zoom for all the calls. The Facebook group will house any documents and the call recordings.

6. Is this a paid for programme?

Is this a paid for programme?

Yes, the cost is £900 for the 3 months or you can pay in monthly instalments of £300. 

7. How much access do I get to Suzanne?

How much access do I get to Suzanne?

I will be in the Facebook group daily during the 3 months. If you have a question you need me to answer then you can tag me and I will make sure it is answered to the best of my ability within 24 hours.

8. What if I am on holiday or can’t make a meeting one of the weeks?

What if I am on holiday or can’t make a meeting one of the weeks?

Full participation is really important on this type of programme. However, you may miss a meeting due to holiday or sickness and then you will need to catch up in the calls recording once you are back in your business. You will be expected to watch and respond with your input and also need to share your update in the Facebook group.

9. How does the timetable work?

How does the timetable work?

If you apply to join I will talk you through the timetable. Your commitment is to attend two calls a month each a fortnight apart. These are a one-to-one call with me and a group call. Both are equally important. There will be some flexibility on the timing of the one-to-one calls and I will endeavour to find a mutually satisfactory time for the group calls. All dates will be agreed at the beginning of the 12 weeks so you can get them in your diary.

11. What is a Talent Dynamics Profile and what does the report tell me?



What is a Talent Dynamics Profile and what does it tell me?A Talent Dynamics profile test which assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour to determine where your path of least resistance is. It will give you insight and clarity on yourself and your interactions with others. It will also give you insight into how you can best communicate with otter’s so they feel connected to and understand your message.  (If you were to buy the assessment it would cost you $97/ £80 but I’m including it and using the training I undertook to help you make the best of your report.)

What will I discover in my Profile Report?

1. Your Talent Dynamics Primary Profile

2. Role models who share your profile that you can learn from

3. Your leadership style and best way for you to lead

4. The best way for you to communicate

5. Your strengths & challenges

6. The best and worst activities for you in the workplace

7. What gets you into Flow

8. How to create value using your profile

9. The value you need to own

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