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The Business Confidence Club

Do you want to build a business your way?


Building a business can be lonely, frustrating and expensive.

You spend hours on your own, sometimes second guessing yourself.

You worry about how will you learn the tech you need. After all apps and social media didn’t even exist when you were growing up!

Let’s be honest you spend hours searching Google and YouTube and signing up to freebies to find the answers. It can lead to overwhelm and procrastination. It’s all so confusing, isn’t it?

It crosses your mind that perhaps you should just get a job! But you love your business and your clients, you want to make this work.

Business Confidence Club women

Imagine if you could be part of a supportive business club that provides inspiration, motivation and accountability.

Part of a community of ambitious determined mature business owners who are doing exactly what you want to do.

Grow a profitable business.

Business owners who support you, listen and give feedback and cheer you on and celebrate your wins.

Get the support you need from a UK based business coach and be able to afford it right now.

If you’re serious about getting results take action today.

Welcome to my wonderful

Business Confidence Club

The online business growth community that provides daily support and accessible training enabling you to stop procrastinating and take action to build a business you feel

proud to promote.

What if you could…


Know you have a supportive network of amazing business owners cheering you on


Have a safe place to share your challenges and get support, feedback and accountability so that you keep going


Have a vault jam packed with business and mindset training available 24/7, 365 days a year so you can work on your business when you want and where you want (wearing what you want, pj’s encouraged!)


Get your questions answered by an experienced business coach and stop relying on Google and YouTube


Keep up to date on the latest socal media platform changes so you’re aware of what’s going on

The Club is the first place I check in the morning before I start work.
Jane Webber

Jane Webber Nutrition

Connect, Learn, Collaborate, Grow

Want to know how it works?

This is what your membership includes:


Access to members of your own virtual team of like-minded business people. A place where you can brainstorm with others, ask questions and learn from the other members experience.

You’ll become part of a safe, caring business group. somewhere you belong.


Each Week

Time to Talk Thursday: We go live via Zoom sharing our week and catching up. This is a time to get to know each other better. It’s great for building strong relationships and getting ideas for your business. We share and learn from each other. 

Accountability. Each Monday, state your top 3 goals and check back in on Friday.

Weekday social media engagement group to help increase your reach and visibility. Over the week we cover Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Each Month

Ask me anything. I come live into the group answering your questions.

Co-working. Register for an online co-working session and get a chance to work to complete your own work and then have a water cooler chat with your co-workers.

Group Brainstorming. Have an idea or problem you want some fresh views on? Register to join a session and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

Expert interview. Monthly guest experts who share top tips with you. The interviews are recorded and added to the members area.


Each Quarter

Challenges to help stretch you try new things. 

Masterclasses on a business growth topic. Our focus for Q1 2022 will be

  • Creating a superstar business plan for 2022,
  • Partnering with easy systems that work for you and
  • money management.
Testimonials Suzanne Mountain

Want to know a bit about me?

I believe the world would be a better place if the wisdom and experience of those in their middle years was shared more widely. I’m passionate about supporting non-millennial business owners to grow profitable businesses without the overwhelm or frustration. 

It is never too late and you’re never too old to grow a profitable business you love.

I’ve written articles for The Guardian, the Huffington Post and ThriveGlobal.  I established my business 5 years ago following a long corporate HR leadership career.

Suzanne graduated from Henley Business School with a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change and she also has a Postgraduate Diploma in the Psychology of Organisation Development & Change.

She lives in her empty nest by the sea in East Sussex, UK with her husband. They are enjoying this time in their life, sharing a love of travel, exploring new places and making new friends (when not self isolating due to Covid-19!).

I have been a member of the Business Confidence Cafe since it’s inception. It’s such a great resource for learning and support. We are a real mix of business owners – some who have just started out and some who have well established successful businesses.

The safe environment means that we are able to share the highs and the lows and learn from each other and it is excellent value for money.

Yve Audaer

6 for Success

When does the Business Confidence Club open?

The club is open now, come join us.  Come join the party and say hello to the other members right now! 

Why should I pay to join?

Getting business support can be expensive and I wanted to be able to help more people. The membership club enables me to do this. It’s important the group is made up of people who are committed to growing their business and this is another reason it’s a paid for members club.

Paying a monthly members fee means that you are more likely to show up in the group and use the tools provided to grow your business. The pdf downloads and training videos is growing so that you can always easily put your hand on the training you need. And if it is not there I will create it for you.

How do I get access to the Club?

The membership will be run through a closed Facebook group. You will be sent a link to join the group once you have registered, read and signed the contract and paid your first months subscription. Plus you will be emailed access to the training vault.

How much access do I get to Suzanne?

I’m in the Facebook group daily. If you have a question you need me to answer, then you can tag me and I will make sure it is answered to the best of my ability during my office hours slot. Each Thursday we have ‘Time to talk’ where I’m live on Zoom so we can all talk.  I share my learnings from the week and you get to join in. Plus there will also be lots of other members who have knowledge and experience they could share with you. It’s all about the community, supporting and sharing each other.

Is there going to be face to face meet-ups?

The plan is that the membership runs online so that geography is not a restriction to access. However, should  members decide that they would like a face to face meet ups then, I will see what can be arranged. This would be at an additional cost and dependent on numbers. We had a face to face meeting at the beginning of March 2020 (before the pandemic) and it was lovely to spend some time together building relationships on another level. It is our plan to have one we can safely meet again.

What happens if I want to leave?

If you decide you no longer want to be part of the membership club you can leave at any time you like. You have access to your account details and you can go in and cancel your membership.  I’m hoping that you will love it so much you won’t want to leave.

Suzanne brings out qualities in you that you never knew you had, and gives you alternative ways to think about things. If you are procrastinating then STOP – just do it, you honestly wont regret one single second.
Donna Vittozi

Baileys New Cars Direct

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