90 Days to Business Mastery 

Transform your business with powerful one to one mentoring and coaching.

Unlock your limitless potential, learn new skills, get over your fears, when we work together for 3 months to increase your profits.

My one-to-one coaching is extremely powerful because it’s completely unique to you and your business. Everything we do together is delivered in a way that meets you exactly where you’re at right now and will be tailored to your needs as we progress from week-to-week.

 If you choose this intensive 1-2-1 program, I’ll be on hand every day to guide, support and inspire you to build a profitable business that you can be proud of. 

If you’re feeling:

  • Stressed and overwhelmed with technology and social media
  • Stuck in a rut with your marketing and sales
  • Low in confidence and self-esteem
  • Worried that you’re not making enough money to keep going
  • Embarrassed to talk about your business as you work so hard and have so little to show for it. 


And you want to feel:

  • Relaxed knowing you have a solid plan for technology and social media
  • In the flow with your marketing and sales
  • Full of confidence and motivation
  • On top of the world knowing you’ve created a profitable business
  • Full of excitement at any chance you get to speak about your business.

What you’ll get when you choose my 90 days to business mastery:

  • Bespoke fortnightly 1-2-1 video calls to work on the exact area that you need help with right now so you can build the business of your dreams. 
  • Access to me via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for help, guidance, advice and inspiration. Whatever YOU need.  
  • Access to my membership club The Business Confidence Members Club if you wish. This gives access to the private members Facebook group and all the training and resources available on my website. This saves you £25 per month. 

 I’ll help you see where your business needs fixing and hold you accountable to take action so that you can build a profitable business you can be proud of. 

However, intensive one-to-one coaching might not be the right choice for you

My mission is to make your life easy and joyful. If working with me one-to-one isn’t right for you, I also offer group support in the Business Accountability Board. Book a FREE 30 min consultation to find out which program is right for you.  


Step 1) Book a FREE 30 min consultation. 

Step 2) Decide which package is right for you, one-to-one or group coaching. 

Step 3) Start your 12-week programme.

My Agreement with you


  • Our work is 100% confidential and I will always have your best interests in mind.
  • If I can’t help you then I will help you find someone who can. I have a full address book of experts in all business areas.
  • I am your cheerleader, standing by your side, ready to help when you need it most. 
  • I will lift you to new heights in confidence, productivity and profit. 
  • And we’ll have a few laughs along the way.

Why work with me?

Clarity about the way forward with your business. What you want to achieve and a roadmap to get you there.

Why work with me?

Powerful strategies, skills and tools to empower you to reach your goals, build confidence, make decisions and lasting change.

Why work with me?

You’ll tackle limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, fears, doubts and procrastination.

Why work with me?

Support to hold you accountable and keep you motivated and focused like never before.

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