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Start up business help for wholehearted coaches, creatives and therapists 

Do you want more clients?  Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Get support from a business coach with 30 years business growth experience

Learn how to start up a business and sell your services online

My Business Start Up Success programme is designed for people like you. People who want to create a business that brings freedom, flexibility and enough money to live your dream lifestyle and whilst helping others.

Getting your business seen online whilst exciting and exhilarating can be struggle at times, can’t it? I can help to make it easier for you.   

Using my IDEAS Blueprint we’ll work through the stages required to build a profitable purpose-led business. 

✅ Starting with a deep dive what makes you unique.

✅ We’ll research your perfect clients and decide how YOU best help them. 

✅ You’ll learn how to use social media marketing to attract your perfect clients. 

✅ We’ll get you comfortable with making sales calls so you no longer give away too much information for free.

✅ You’ll feel happy to talk to potential clients and confident with your pricing. 

✅ As an accredited Mindset Coach I’ll help you eliminate your mindset Monkeys and overcome imposter syndrome too.

Photo of Suzanne Mountain Business Start Up Coach in Beth's Kitchen Seaford

Yve tripled her income whilst working with me

Yve, a weight loss coach and founder of 6 for Success, came to me when she wanted to grow her business and work support her clients online.

Whilst she’d done an amazing job of creating a fabulous bespoke service that achieved brilliant results for her clients she was without doubt a well kept secret. Yve was not attracting or able to serve enough clients to make any money and her husband referred to her business as a hobby. 

Yve invested in my Business Start Up Success Programme

It felt like a big investment at the time, little did she know how quickly she would get a return on her investment. 

Yve needed support with getting visible both locally and online and bringing her business into the 21st Century.

6 for Success underwent a transformation as we changed her business model, developed her personal brand and created a modern website. 

Initially, like many business owners, Yve didn’t want to show her face on her Facebook Business page. However following a professional photo shoot she became happier to be visible and understood how it would help her potential clients build a relationship with her. Yve learnt how to use social media in an authentic way that suits her personality and magnetises an audience of her dream clients so that she daily gets messages from women asking how they can work with her. 

This has enabled Yve to start making ‘proper money’ and over time she tripled her income. Plus she’s gained a huge amount of confidence in herself and her business. 

Yve calls me ‘Saint Suzanne’ – a title that makes me chuckle, fills me with so much pride and joy but is far from the truth! 😂

Watch Yve’s full video testimonial below…

Photo of Suzanne Mountain Business Start Up Coach in Beth's Kitchen Seaford

 Hi, I’m Suzanne Mountain, and I understand how you feel.

I thought that starting up my business in my fifties following a long senior management career working for fortune 500 top companies  would be easy enough. After all I’d run my own business before during the 1990s.  

Learning to apply my business knowledge to a small business and taking on board the new digital world of branding, social media marketing, websites, the necessary technology was a steep learning curve. One I’d like to shorten for you.

I struggled with self-doubt, loneliness and fear of sales, marketing and technology. But now things are different, I’ve built a business that I’m incredibly proud of, one that feels easy and profitable! And I’m here to help you do the same. Read my story here.

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