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Episode 15: 3 words I want you to stop saying

I want to talk to you about three words that you need to stop saying, three words that are really, really unhelpful for your life and your business.

Saying these words actually make you feel more stressed and overwhelmed and they make you feel not good enough. They pile on the extra pressure and stop you from moving forward. 

Have a listen to find out the three words you need to stop saying. 


Episode Highlights:

  • (02:50) Brain dump your to-do list and break it down into smaller tasks
  • (04:15) Make these smaller tasks your 10-minute tasks
  • (05:03) You feel more productive
  • (05:33) Prepare for the next day
  • (05:59) Don’t multitask
  • (06:29) Have a nice morning routine


Hello, and welcome to the Midlife Business Show with Suzanne Mountain. This is the podcast that celebrates all those of us who are building a business during our middle years. I’m an ex corporate girl who started my business six years ago in my fifties. And I’m loving it. This podcast is here to inspire you with conversations with other entrepreneurs about the messy and magical ups and downs of this period of our lives. Plus, I’ll be sharing simple, actionable step by step strategies to help you build a business with impact and a life that you love

Speaker 1 (00:05):


Welcome to this episode of the Midlife Business Show and today I want to talk to you about three words that you need to stop saying three words that are really, really unhelpful for your life and your business saying these words actually make you feel more stressed and overwhelmed and they make you feel not good enough. 

They pile on the extra pressure and stop you from moving forward. 

So I suspect you are thinking so, Suzanne, what are the words? 

And they are words that I hear time and time again from my clients and from my community, um, my free Facebook group and my business membership. 

The words are…..  ‘I’m so behind.’ 

Have you said this?  Behind what exactly?

Behind those three words ‘I’m so behind’ there is a whole load of assumptions, expectation, beliefs that we really need to unpick so that we understand. Many, many business owners feel pressure to be at the same stage that someone else is at with their business. To be making X amount of money or to have X number of followers, or to have X number of people on their mailing list.


And that drives pressure: comparisonitis, but also, you know, sometimes it’s the pressures we’re putting on ourselves. Deciding that it must be this way and it must happen in this format and life isn’t always like that. 

Life can throw us a curve ball and we have to be able to adapt. We have to be flexible. 

I want you to really think about it when you hear yourself saying ‘I’m so behind’. Actually question yourself about what you are behind. 

Ultimately, this is your business and your timeframe. So stop saying it because it doesn’t help. 


If you feel like this, then try this exercise. 

I want you to grab a notebook and just brain dump all your to-dos. 

All the things, uh, in your head, getting them down on paper gives you space to think. 

Now, take those things and really break them down into small tasks.

Speaker 1 (03:06):

So little jobs that will take you less than 10 minutes to do. So an example might be, finish website, becomes, add three website images or write one product description or add this month’s blog. 

So little tasks, you know, write one Facebook post or one Instagram post, send one email, update a price on my website. 

You’re gonna end up with a very long list of these ops. 

However, when you’ve got that list, that’s your 10 minute task list. And you can add that to the notes section on your phone or another productivity app or in a little notebook or journal that you have close to you frequently. 

Now, the thing to do is to tackle these 10 minute tasks, one at a time. 

If you finish a job and you have 10 minutes before your next call or 10 minutes before you need to go out to an appointment, you look at your list and you pick one of those little jobs and you get it done.


If a call finishes early, fit in a 10 minute task. If you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, fit in a 10 minute task.

 Some of them may not even be 10 minutes. They may be things that you can do in just a minute or two.

 So really breaking things down and fitting them in is how we fit them into our life. 

When we think about them as I need to update my website, or I need to finish my website, that can be a big task. It can be full of very many little tasks, but as we think of it as a big chunk, it becomes hard for us to find the time and the energy to actually undertake it by breaking the tasks down and then picking them off one at a time, we can actually fit them in around the rest of our lives.


And it really makes you feel quite productive. 

So I want you to, to think about that and give that a try and by all means, let me know what you think. 


I’m just now gonna talk about a few more strategies for productive days. 

So one of the key things about being productive in any work day is to start the day before. And what I mean by that is when you finish what you are going to do for that day, spend 10 to 15 minutes making a to-do list for the next day so that you know what your priorities are. 

Even before you go to bed at night, choose what you’re going to wear the next day so that you don’t have to spend time or waste time considering what you’re gonna wear. 

Then the next strategy is to avoid multitasking. You achieve much more by focusing on a single task rather than switching back and forth.

Speaker 1 (05:59):

Multitasking is not good for us. <laugh> It’s not good for our brains. 

Staying focused on one thing allows us to get more done, gives us less stress and less overwhelm. And then think about how you wake up and how you spend the first part of the morning. Set yourself up for success, set your intentions for that day. 

Try some journaling or, um, maybe some reflection time or meditation, but have a nice morning routine that sets you up so that you know that this is the start of your day and you are feeling positive next. Think about hitting the ground running. Uh, most of us work best when refreshed. 

So don’t waste your brain power at this time by mindless scrolling of the internet, do your important work. Get that out the way, get ahead of your schedule. And then you can relax. And, you know, as you get more tired, you can do those tasks that don’t require your full brain power.

Speaker 1 (07:01):

Making sure that you’re eliminating distractions, switch off the notifications on your phone and on your laptop, silence your calls. And don’t answer the door if you are working on something important. 


I hope that today I’ve convinced you that you need to stop saying ‘I’m so behind’. I’d love to know what you think. 

Please, if you are not in my free Facebook community, The Business Confidence Cafe come and join us.

 You’ll be made very welcome. There’s over 600 midlife business owners in there, and it’s a lovely, warm, supportive community. 

I look forward to speaking to you next week, right for now. Okay that’s a wrap for today. 

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Bye for now.


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