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Uplevel Your Clients & Your Cash Flow With a Highly Desirable High-End Offer

This week’s episode concludes my mini-series on mapping out your office suite. I will be talking about the most important tool in your sales suite, your high-end signature offer. Once you’ve developed your low and mid-tier offers, it’s time to up-level your clients and your cash flow through your high-end signature offer. 


Episode Highlights:

  • (02:25) Ask yourself what problems your client is experiencing now
  • (03:08) Your high-tier signature offer demands significantly more one-on-one attention and personalisation
  • (04:39) Your clients might simply need ongoing support or encouragement
  • (05:21) In-person options can also be great at this level
  • (06:52) Be prepared to put in a significant amount of upfront work
  • (08:53) Building a successful business entails a holistic approach 


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Hello, and welcome to the Midlife Business Show with Suzanne Mountain. This is the podcast that celebrates all those of us who are building a business during our middle years. I’m an ex corporate girl who started my business six years ago in my fifties. And I’m loving it. This podcast is here to inspire you with conversations with other entrepreneurs about the messy and magical ups and downs of this period of our lives. Plus, I’ll be sharing simple, actionable step by step strategies to help you build a business with impact and a life that you love

Suzanne (00:43):

Speaker 1 (00:05):

In this week’s episode, I want to talk to you about setting the stage for long term customer loyalty with a successful bite size offer. 

This is the third episode in a mini series all about mapping out your offers to make sure that you maximise your profit from your business. 

Now, although your mid end and high end offers are likely to bring in the most money, making sure you have a strong starting point by building a client base and loyalty with a strong, low end offer is a really good idea. A low end or bite size product is attractive to your potential clients as it offers a low risk way of getting a feel of what you provide and what it’s like to work with you this way. 

Your potential clients might be naturally reluctant to pay a significant amount of money if they don’t have experience with your offers.  Giving them an affordable point to start can help you forge your relationship for the future of these offers, stepping stones, or like a ladder where the people can jump on at the bite size offer level at a mid-level offer. 

And occasionally people will jump straight in with your high ticket offer. 

Now our bite size offer can mean anything from a simple ebook through to a mini-course or workshop. 

In fact, I’ll be sharing more about my bite size offer a little bit later on in this episode. Some of the best low tier bite size offers are those that entail little ongoing effort on your part, and they should provide a way for your clients to work through them on their own. Maybe with just some guidance from you, which obviously helps with the relationship building a simple PDF checklist can serve as a valuable roadmap for clients, and it can help them feel more confident proceeding with their business thanks to the structure it provides.


However, you have to be aware of the value that this is providing because often these types of products can also be given away as freebees. So you need to make sure that you build your product in a way that people can see the value and understand what it is they’re buying. And I will talk more about this later.

Other potential bitesize offers can be templates or swipe files, and these can make excellent options as well as they help people with their organisation. 

Other things to consider a downloadable audio or meditations, and think about if a one hour masterclass or short workshop is right for your business? Or maybe, a one hour call with you could form a bite size offer that might retail at 90 pounds, for example. 

So within the things that I’ve talked about, you know, you have very simple products like a checklist, perhaps with something else explaining it, maybe a video which might retail at 19 pounds.

Speaker 1 (03:57):

So where do you start when you’re creating your bitesize offer? Well, ask yourself these three questions when developing your bite size offer first, 

  • what specific problem or need is your client trying to solve? In other words, what does your client think about when she’s feeling stressed about her business or life in general and in particular, what is it that’s within your area of expertise to solve? It’s great to have a variety of low tier bite size offers available, and each one should be tailored to solving a specific problem. Keep it simple, keep it contained. 
  • So now having defined which specific problem you are, helping your client solve, the thing you need to think about is what’s the core outcome of your offer. So after your client has worked through your offer, what benefits can she expect to enjoy? How will her life or her business be improved right away?And over what time, imagine yourself in your ideals client’s position, what is she looking to achieve by buying your offer.
  • Finally decide on the features of your offer. So what are the core ingredients you need to ensure you offer so that you can match your promise, map out the specifics of how you are going to deliver on your promise? Where does that leave you? What does this offer look like? Now think about the delivery of the offer. So is it going to be a mini course or an ebook or a downloader or video or another type of product also takes some time to determine how your client will receive their product or offer. So if you are selling an ebook or a checklist, you’ll probably want to offer an immediate download. If you’re offering a mini-course, you may want to send it out over the course of five days or so, perhaps via email, or maybe by drip, feeding it through a learning management system, make sure you are offering a professional experience regardless of the type of product you’re offering as this is your client’s first impression of your paid services.

Speaker 1 (06:12):

And you want to get it right now. Often when you’re thinking about your ideal client and what to offer, consider what they’ll need to know first, sometimes the best bite size offers and lower price products are all about setting the stage. Bite size offers can work really well if you ensure your clients are ready for higher tier offerings, once they’ve finished the lower tier products. 

So start by mapping out, what do they need to know first? How can that be your bite size offer? And so once they’ve cracked that, where is the next place they need to go? 

If your clients, or an early stage of learning, you need to ensure you are meeting them where they are before proceeding. 

Keep in mind you don’t always have to start from scratch. If you have been creating related content, it’s easy to transform this information into low tier bite size offerings by adding a bit of extra content and delivering it in a new format.

Speaker 1 (07:16):

So think about if you’ve written an ebook as a freebie, how can you add more to that ebook and perhaps record a couple of videos to go with it, or maybe a checklist and that creates a package that you can then sell as a low tier bite size offer. 

It’s also important to remember that within your client group many will have different learning styles from you. So just because you love to read books doesn’t mean that that delivery method will work for them too. And that’s the advantage of making sure that you address the different learning styles within your offering. It’s a topic that I’m passionate about having had a 30 year learning and development, leadership career, making sure that your product and your course or workshop is accessible to all. 

Speaker 1 (08:20):

Now, when you are creating your bite size offer, you have two main goals when it comes to selling it.

  • The first is to establish yourself as an expert, to instil further confidence in what you have to offer. You’re looking to build a relationship based on trust and establishing your credibility is critical. This comes down to not just delivering on your promise, but also the look and feel of what you pull together in terms of what your offer is and how you go about marketing, your offer as well. 
  • Secondly, you want your client to feel that they’ve gained something tangible from your offer. So clients who finish a mini course and see results are more likely to come back from all. And this is an important thing to remember. So with your bite size offer, you are looking to give your client a good, quick win. Do not feel it’s necessary to pack so much information in it and overwhelm them, that does not lead to them feeling that your offer is good value.


What that leads to is non-completion and non-completion means that they haven’t had the result they paid for, and you don’t get the testimonial that you need. 

So make sure to provide a quick win and deliver something that will have an immediate benefits. These wins provide the motivation your clients need to keep moving ahead and they’ll turn to you for more information, more help and support. 

I’ll mention again, it’s important to consider the naming and pricing of your bite size offer. I talked about this hot topic in episode 19. So make sure you pop back and listen to that episode again. 

So now I have a question for you. 

What would it mean for your business if in the space of just three days, you had a bite size offer mapped out and ready to launch? 

How would you love to blow up your service based business without working longer hours?


If you are nodding along then, it’s likely you are ready to create an irresistible bite size offer. Your ideal clients will be clamouring to buy. 

If you know that having a great low cost offer that converts curious prospects into paying clients is a no brainer, but you are spinning your wheels, trying to figure out what to offer and how to make it happen, or if you already have an offer it, but it’s just not selling. 

Or if you would love to be recognised as an expert and attract dream clients with no brainer bite size offer that shifts them immediately from subscriber to buyer, then you will love my bitesize offer workshop. 

Imagine sitting next to someone with them, telling you precisely what include in your offer and not only that giving you personalised feedback on your ideas. 

That’s exactly how I want us to spend our time together each day for three days, there will be a 90 minute live zoom lesson with a downloadable workbook so that you can make notes and get started on the work as I teach you how to map out your offer.  Us doing it with a small group of midlife business owners, just like you means you’ll get support and encouragement from a band of cheerleaders in our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and get feedback and share your thoughts. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, then click the link in the show notes or message me. We start on the 20th of June, so don’t miss out. 

Okay. That’s a wrap for today. Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate, and review the midlife business show. And if you’ve enjoyed it, tell your business buddies all about it. 


Bye for now.


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