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Using the Power of Numerology to Elevate your Business Success with Jo Soley


In this week’s episode, I’m delighted to welcome Jo Soley. Jo is a business coach and founder of Bizology, using the powers of numerology to elevate your business success. Jo says “people do business with you if they like, know and trust you and numerology helps you like, know and trust yourself”.  Helping you understand who you really are as a business owner. 

Numerology has transformed Jo’s life and business to such a degree that her services are now related to connecting her clients to the energies of their numbers. By understanding your life path number the personal year you are in, and the meaning and expression of your name, numerology can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business journey. 


Episode Highlights:

  • (01:57) What attracted you to numerology?
  • (06:00) What impact does knowing your numbers have when you run your own business?
  • (14:55) Has your business grown by niching?
  • (18:54) Numerology is an ancient esoteric science
  • (22:08) What is your favourite piece of tech or system that you use in your business?
  • (24:22) Jo’s business book recommendation

About Jo Soley :

Jo Soley is the owner and founder of Bizology – Using the Powers of Numerology to Elevate your Business Success. Jo is a business and marketing coach and works with entrepreneurs who know that there is a force higher than them and want to use this invisible but very real force to optimise their business results. People do business with you if they like, know and trust you! 

Jo infuses the power of numerology in her work with her clients, as numerology helps you like, know and trust yourself, and in turn others. Since Jo has embarked on her journey with numerology, she understands herself on a different level and so many opportunities have opened up in her life and business. Understanding your numeric energies can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business journey. Through using the power of numbers you can consciously elevate your business success


Connect with Jo:

Jo Soley’s website: www.josoley.com

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/YourBrillianceInNumbersBizology

Jo’s book recommendation:

Zero to One by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters 


Hello, and welcome to the Midlife Business Show with Suzanne Mountain. This is the podcast that celebrates all those of us who are building a business during our middle years. I’m an ex corporate girl who started my business six years ago in my fifties. And I’m loving it. This podcast is here to inspire you with conversations with other entrepreneurs about the messy and magical ups and downs of this period of our lives. Plus, I’ll be sharing simple, actionable step by step strategies to help you build a business with impact and a life that you love

Suzanne (00:43):

Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Midlife Business Show. I’m delighted to welcome Jo Solely. Jo is a business coach and founder of Bizology using the powers of numerology to elevate your business success. Jo says, people do business with you if they like, know and trust you and numerology helps you like, know and trust yourself, helping you understand who you really are. As a business owner, numerology has transformed Jo’s life and business to such a degree that her services are now related to connecting her clients to the energies of their numbers. By understanding your life path number the personal year you are in, and the meaning and expression of your name, numerology can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business journey. Welcome Jo. 


Jo (01:38):

You, Suzanne. How are you?

Suzanne  (01:41):

I’m good. Thank you. I’ve been really looking forward to this interview today as a client of yours, your specialism just really intrigued me. I have to say. And, and it’s just so fascinating. So tell me, how did you come across numerology?

Jo (01:59):

So I’ve always been fascinated in numbers and you know, the phrase where there’s interest there’s ability. I think if you really, really are focused and love something, then you know, it’s like, turn your passion into your purpose. And then from your purpose, turn it into your, but when I was a little girl, I’d write a list of everyone in my class or ask my mom to like I’m talking five, six, and put a number against them. And then over the years, if I was in a bookshop and there was a book or numerology, I’d make a B-line for it. And then if there was an article in a magazine, I’d cut it out. So I always had a thing for numbers, right. And I knew I was a life path, one, which we touch on later, but that’s the leader and it’s independence. And they don’t like being told what to do.

And it was interesting because eight years ago I set up my own business and I was working with heart centered female entrepreneurs, helping them get visible in their business, through marketing, but who wasn’t doing that right? Eight years ago and four years in, I was doing okay, but because life path ones have to be self-employed, but I didn’t really feel, feel that I was like super different from other people. I didn’t really feel that I found my thing. 

So I went to an event and it was on international women’s day. And it was March cuz it’s obviously the eighth March and it was in Le worth in half Chi. And it was very, very wet and cold. And I went to this event and normally you won’t get me out of the house at night, cuz I don’t <laugh> like to go out when it’s cold and wet.

And I went out and the keynote speaker ‘s opening gambit was forget international women’s day, it’s international, women’s millennium. Right? Cause we’re in the energy of the two versus the nineteen ten one, which we were born into quite masculine energy. So he had me at hello and every sentence he said that night created like massive aha moments. And apparently I was shaking my head, but it was more in like disbelief, oh my God, this guy’s talking so much sense. So i stalk him online. I read all of his books. I went to the London college of psychic studies. I studied numerology, two courses like 10 weeks. I read every book. I could get my hands on, but there’s a caveat there. You gotta be careful because every book uses different terms and different phraseologies. But I took what I wanted and I left behind what didn’t resonate so much.


And I created Bizology. I knew that I wanted to bring this like amazing modality into my business because it had helped me so much. So I wanted to help my clients understand who they are because numerology is based on the concept of uniqueness, right? We’re all different. There’s no cookie cutter approach in business. You know, this is what will work for one person won’t work for the next. But we are told, you know, blanket approaches and everyone gets their knickers in the twist cuz it doesn’t work for them. And this is why I wanted to bring numerology into the world to help show people that they’re unique and they can run their business their way.

Suzanne (05:41):

Perfect. Perfect. I mean what an impactful evening that was

Jo (05:46):

<laugh> yeah.

Suzanne (05:48):

It’s amazing how our lives can just pivot on, on, you know, the basis of a couple of hours, something like that. So for a business owner and you started to touch on it there, what impact does knowing your numbers have when you run your own business?

Jo (06:05):

This is timely. Cause I literally, before I jumped on the call with you, I did a post about this sec. So, and I put it on my profile, which you don’t normally per direct on my profile. So, I said the one thing that sets you apart in the crowd in business is your uniqueness. And like I’ve just said numerology based on the concept of uniqueness. So Bizology is the blend of uniqueness of numerology and business, but it shows you how to lead. It shows you how you can overcome imposter syndrome. It shows you how you can uniquely share. It shows you how to motivate yourself. It shows you how you can strategically plan. It shows you how you can be inspired. It shows you that we’re all different. Okay? And then you don’t need to do all the courses. You don’t need to do all of the things you, you can just stay in your lane and be who you are later.

Jo (07:09):

We talk about your numbers and my numbers, but it gives you permission to be who you, you are. It gives you permission to stay in your lane. It stops the comparitis. Yes, we are still gonna get a little bit of imposter syndrome and comparitis of course we are we’re we’re human beings and our reptilian brain is wired to be on a high alert for things like, um, rejection and you know, showing up on social media. Isn’t really in line with who we are as animal animalistic, uh, human beings. Okay? So, but it can help you with confidence. It help you with sales. It can help you with profit. It can help you with income because you are doing your thing your way and you are staying in your lane and you are understanding who you are as a business owner. So like you said, in the intro, people do business.

If they like Know and trust you, Bizology helps you like, know and trust yourself. Most people dunno who they are because we’re not taught. We’re different. We’re taught cookie cutter, we’re taught follow the crowd. We’re taught sheep mentality. And if you can step back a bit and really understand who you are and get millions of light bulb moments like I did that wet March night and then stay in your lane and do what you’re here to do. Then you can a breathe B be more comfortably in your own skin and C it shows up in your bank account.

Suzanne  (08:51):

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And you mentioned the word permission there, but knowing my numbers felt like a permission slip to doing things my way, knowing my, what my number was. And also my approach when I saw those two together, I was like, yes, of course. That’s just that’s me. That’s it? That just in two numbers sums up exactly what I’m about. And it was like, yeah, that’s why I’m doing it. Other ways doesn’t work. That’s why I talk in the way that I do talk about things. That’s why I want to do what I want to do. It’s it just made everything simple, you know, and, and it was, and it has been just a permission slip to just keep doing it my own way and not worry about what everybody else is doing, which is really liberating.

Jo (09:44):

Definitely. Cuz Suzanne’s working with the energy of the number 22, it’s a master number. So one of the things I’m really passionate about is helping people work it all out correctly because some 22s come to me and they think they’refour. And in the numerology books, it would say that Oprah Winfrey, meghan Markle, Richard Branson, like people who have huge impact in the world, Bill Gates, therefores, they’re not fours they’re 22s. So that’s huge energy. 

So you are working with a huge energy, but then what do you do with it? Yeah, because we are the negative of our numbers and the negative of 22 is, um, not believing that you are here to build an empire, create a legacy, you know, and the negative of 22 is mindset. So when you know that you can work with, you can pull the negatives up like weed in the garden and then work with the positives of the numbers instead of the negatives.

Suzanne (10:43):

Yeah. And, and it’s exactly that. And I see it in myself, when I’m out of alignment, then I can stop myself and go, no that’s not 22. That’s not how I should be showing up. And sort of, it helps me course correct almost, which is really useful. 


So people and, and you know, many of my clients and business owners that I talk to when I talk to them about nicheing, they worry about it. They’re worried that, you know, the impact of clearly defining a niche and saying, these are the people I work with results in less clients. And I always tell them, that’s not the case. So, you know, you’ve created a really specific niche. Can you talk to us about the impact that’s had on your business and your life?

Jo (11:29):

Yes. So you know the phrase you and I have said it before, get big, get niche, or get out. Okay. <laugh> if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Okay. So you have to be really, really super clear. So you’re like Marmite and the right people will resonate with you. 

So like I said, I was speaking to heart centered female entrepreneurs, but that’s still quite broad. So I don’t think the whole ideal client back, she’s Claire. She lives in Kent. She’s 22. She shops at M&S. I don’t think that works because we don’t know those things. We’re just making them up. But what I like to do is find the commonalities, not the exclusions. So when I say I work with heart center, female entrepreneurs who understand there’s a force higher than them and they wanna use this real, but invisible force to move forward in their business.

Right? So then people have put their hands up and they’re keeping their hands up. So when I brought numerology in, I kind of told people I was studying. I told people about the powers of numerology and it’s like, you’ve got a boat, a big kind of shipping container and you are moving it in the water. So you don’t wake up one day and then you go, I’ve changed Nash because you’re gonna confuse the hell out of everybody. But you just turn this massive boat in the sea, in the ocean, like bit by bit. So you drip it in. You tell people what you’re doing. You start to offer freebie and taster a session. You might bring out a lead magnet. You bring out one session because physiology, the name didn’t come. It came to me in meditation, but it didn’t come until like 18 months in.

But I was doing all of the other bits beforehand.

 So then you start to tell people you’re gonna lose some super fans because they’re gonna think you crazy. But the right people will stay with you. And then people know people like them. So then they tell people. So what it does is now if neurology mentioned, they say, ah, have you a Jo Soley check out Jo soly.com, check out her free Facebook group, check out her podcast. Right? So it takes a while. 


This is nearly four years in the making. But what, what it does is you are the authority in your area. So I’m writing my book. I’ve just launched a couple of apps. Okay. So then when numerology mentioned, people say, oh, do you know Jo? So say if you’re a nutritional therapist, but you wanna niche, that’s massive. Right? But you wanna niche it down into nutrition in menopause. Then people will start to say your name. Say if you help people with websites, but you really focus on the SEO piece for the female market over fifties, then people are gonna mention your name. So the market is saturated. Now markets are saturated markets busy. So you’ve gotta stand out online. And the way you do that is to niche. So like they say a niche, not a nation.

Suzanne (14:53):

<laugh> brilliant. And so your business has grown through you nicheing you would say.

Jo (14:59):

Yeah, definitely. And because there’s thousands and thousands of business coaches, but there’s only one business coach who uses the power of numerology, cuz I’ve tried.

Suzanne (15:11):

Brilliant. Brilliant. Um, have there been any downsides of, of nicheing?

Jo (15:17):

Well, like some people are gonna think you’re crazy <laugh>

Speaker 1 (15:20):

But That’s Not. You’re crazy anyway. Yeah.

That’s not really my problem. I say some call me crazy. Some call me for advice. Hence going back to Maite, you’ve got to stand out. You’ve got to be different. You’ve gotta be a bit niche. 

So no, I mean, my family thought it was crazy until I managed to buy a house, which with the proceeds. So, you know, it’s no mean fee being self-employed and single and buying your own house. Um, some, I mean, I, I lost maybe a couple of clients in the beginning, but I gained so much more. So I’d say people fear of nation because they think if I just go for heart center entrepreneurs, what about professionals? If I just go for men, what about women? If I just go for under thirties? What about over thirties? If I just go for, like you say more midlife women, then what about under or over? But I, I just think that it just helps clarify who you work with. It doesn’t half the population. Hence me saying earlier, if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one be so clear so that people know that you can help them.

Suzanne (16:39):

Yeah. Yeah. I, I agree. I mean it, I always liken it to, you know, the person stood outside the, the London underground station or the railway station. Who’s just shouting, you know, if they’re just shouting, everybody walks past. Cause it’s just noise. Isn’t it. Whereas if they’re actually being very specific and talking about something, some people will stop and listen. Yeah. Because it resonates with them. But if you’re just making noise, then no one’s gonna listen because it’s a noisy world.

Jo (17:07):


Suzanne (17:08):

So as I said, when I came across you in what you were doing, I was completely fascinated, if a bit sort of slightly skeptical mm-hmm <affirmative>. But I found the sessions really insightful. And I continue to sort of look at the numbers that you told me about. What really resonates with me is there’s so many different numbers in the mix almost. And that’s where the uniqueness comes from. Isn’t it? So it’s not just, oh, you are a, you know, a life path 22, then there’s your personal year and your name and then your business name. And you know, there’s, there’s lots of layers isn’t there behind the Bizology that you’ve created. 

Jo (17:52):

Definitely. So some of what I share is kind of cut launch blanket, numerology, some things I’ve devised myself. You are born on the 26, which is eight. So even though you’re a 22, 22 is a master number, it’s the architect of change. You’re here to create transformation, one person at a time. That’s what you do. Right. But the way you do it is aid success, wealth, high standards, strategy, quality over quantity, uh, strength. So like you couldn’t get more Suzanne. Okay. So if you got a number, you’ve got it for a reason. But if that didn’t resonate, if I, if somebody was a life path, 22 born on the eighth or the, um, 17th or the sixth, and that didn’t resonate, then I’d be saying, how’s life working out for you. How’s business working out for you. Probably not very well. Cuz you are not working with the energy of the number.


What we haven’t said is numerology is an ancient esoteric science, right? So like astrology looks to the stars. Numerology looks to numbers and there’s no mistake if you’ve got it. You’ve got it for a reason. One reason I like using numerology is because astrology and human design there’s loads and loads and loads and loads of reference points. But with numerology, there’s less reference points. So there’s less confusion. So there’s less like delusion. So it is as old as time, but it’s as new as the next decision you’re gonna make. And it is an amazing, amazing, amazing modality, but it goes deeper than saying you are a LifePath 22 and I’m a LifePath one because there’s 7.9 billion people in the world. We’re not just gonna chop everyone into 11 numbers. That’s like saying the IM a reason. And then the next person is cancer. Right? It goes deeper than that.

Jo (19:49):

So, so there’s other numbers we look at. So, so not to confuse today, be and just throw in a load of numbers at you and thinking what’s going on. One of the things we look at, which is really important is that we work in nine year cycles and there’s better years and easy years to do things. 

So Suzanne, when we met was in a nine year, which is about endings. Then last year, you were in a one year, which is about seeding the new for the next nine years. And now you are in an 11 year and this is quite intense because 11 is intense. Everyone falls of their feet of 11, 11. If they knew what 11 ment and they’d give it a bit more respect, but 11 is God source. Divine. London is an 11 city, right? It’s intense. Uh, it’s very inspirational.

Jo (20:38):

This is a great year for you to inspire other people through your podcast. But you can feel like you’ve hit, been hit by a bus. Your dreams will be intense, your light things you didn’t like before. You know, you’ll need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. So fortunately Suzanne lives near the sea. So the sea will be really vital for her this year to ground her. We can’t push it in 11 year. It’s not a go go go year. Like last year was the tide is out. Don’t worry about it. We ride on the slip stream from last year, we get ready for the three year and then we just look after our energy. Let go, let God’s spirit is what’s going on for you this year.

Suzanne (21:20):

That’s so fascinating because I hadn’t intended to launch my podcast in my year one. And yet I found that I had to do it. I couldn’t not do it. It just, and it was, you know, it’d been on my list for years and, and then suddenly it was like, I have to do it and I have to do it now. And it was out in eight weeks, you know, <laugh> um, yeah. And, and strangely, just before we were having this conversation, cause it’s a very hot day as we were recording this, I was saying, you know, my plan is to finish work at four and go and get in the sea <laugh> and you know, cause I feel the need. I feel it drawing me, not just cuz it’s a hot day, but that I need to be in that space. So it’s really, really interesting. So, you know, you are a small business owner, you’re running your own business, you know, like I am. 

What’s your favorite piece of tech or system that you use in your business that you think this really helps you run your business?

Speaker 2 (22:17):



I love office 365. Okay. And everything that comes with that active campaign I use for my emails, which is when you’re growing your list, it’s good to have an email system that’s a bit more robust and, and can do a lot of automation. Like some of my automation looks crazy in the back end because I’ve got loads of different life paths, getting loads of different emails from loads of different apps. So that’s really good, but I’ve just put in a new system, which is a CRM system called Dubsado, which is, uh, all singing, all dancing and it gives my clients a portal. So you’ve got a place to listen back and put all of the reports and put all of the sessions in and it can be used as a sales tool as well. So that’s quite powerful instead of just emailing everyone. They’ve got one space.

Suzanne (23:15):

Yeah. Yeah. That’s good. I’m a big fan of active campaign as well. I use it for my marketing and strangely I did try Dubo for a while, but I found out personally it didn’t work for my clients. They didn’t use the portal at all. So in the end I, I decided, okay, I’ll pull back from it. But, but it, isn’t a really nice piece of software. I think a really nice

Jo  (23:36):

One bit of it depends what you want them to do because they fill in the questionnaire with, with it. And then I’ve got everything in one place. They can sign up to all the bits and then they’ve got everything in one place. So I found it quite useful. It’s a steep learning curve. Mm. So work, work with the VA. Maybe I did to get it all set up. Yeah. But once it’s flowing, it’s good. Yeah.

Suzanne (24:00):

Yeah. Yeah. I, I got someone to, to start with that thought, oh, I can do this. And then after a while I thought, you know what I can, but I don’t, I shouldn’t be doing it cause it’s taking up far too much of my time. And I got someone to set it up for me. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (24:13):

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

Suzanne1 (24:17):

Exactly. Okay. So here’s a question for you. What business book would you recommend to the listeners?

Speaker 2 (24:27):

There’s one. So this book leads on from the nation piece is called zero to one. And it’s by Peter the, with Blake masters and the time set that rare thing, a concise thought provoking book on entrepreneurship and its notes on startups or how to build for the future. And on the back it says what valuable companies, nobody building, right? So this is the niche bit and this is what Bizology is. And I’m a life path one. And it’s about doing something that hasn’t been done before. The next Bill Gates, won’t build an operating system. The next Larry Page or surgery brain won’t make a search engine. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. It’s easy to copy a model then to make something new, doing what we already know how to do, makes the world from one to N adding more of something familiar. Every new creation goes from zero to one. This book is about how to get there. So yeah, this is really good actually.

Suzanne (25:30):

Okay. That’s the one I’ve heard of. Yeah. So thank you. I will, um, add that to my library of business books. Very interesting. I saw you talking about a new app that you’ve developed. Tell us more about your app and why you’ve gone down that route. Cause that’s a fascinating bit of technology, isn’t it?

Jo (25:49):

Yeah. So, um, it’s easy to work out your life path number and it’s easy to get it wrong. So it’s really important that people do it correctly. And with master numbers, people think they’re, uh, two, but they’re in 11 or if they’re a four they’re a 22 or if they’re in a two year they’re in 11 year. So it’s really important to work them out correctly. So last year I put in my personal year app, which shows you your personal year, then you get an email from me this year I put in my life path number app. Um, so you put in your date birth, then there’s a video that pops up. So yeah.

Suzanne (26:28):

So is that on your, on your website, Jo? Or is it a phone app that you download from the app store?

Jo (26:34):

No, it’s on, it’s on my website on, it’s been built on the back end of my website. I used to call the personal well I’d call the personal year a calculator, but the guy, the app builder developer, web techy guy said no it’s app Jo, you can call it an app. So call it a live path app.

Suzanne (26:55):

Brilliant, brilliant. Well, that sounds very interesting. And I’m sure some of our listeners will be jumping on that to have a little go and play and find out more about their numbers. So a question that I ask everybody, because I’m always fascinated by the answer to this. What advice would you give to your younger self? Now

Jo (27:15):

There’s two bits. So the first one is to relax. I think we stress about everything, nothing’s under control. Really. <laugh> just let it go a little bit <laugh> and then the other would be, uh, boundaries. So make sure, and then we’re not taught boundaries. I didn’t know what they were. Make sure you give from the overflow of the cup and not the cup itself.

Suzanne (27:37):

Yeah. Yeah. So important. Isn’t that so important? And I think, you know, certainly for many of the women listening, you know, we were taught to be nice and being nice, I  mean giving of yourself, even if you had nothing left to give, um, which is unhealthy. So yeah, I think great advice there, Joe,

Jo (27:59):

I read something the other day, which said nice can leave you depleted, be kind, but try not to be too nice. Right. So then when you are kind, you can say no with kindness. Yeah. You, you can help somebody I’ll get back to you tomorrow. You can be kind, but you don’t have to necessarily be nice.

Suzanne (28:24):

Yes. That’s I think that’s really useful actually. Isn’t it? Cause also you can be kind to yourself, you know, sometimes that’s what’s needed, isn’t it? Um, so thank you, Joe. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you today. Where can the listeners find you?

Jo (28:41):

So my website is Josolely.com and the app is on there.

Suzanne (28:47):

Okay. And what about your Facebook groups? I’m sure some, I’ve got a, you know, very active listener Facebook population. So I know you’ve got a lovely group.

Jo (28:57):

So my group is your brilliance in numbers. There’s um, 1100 people in there. My podcast is the Bizology soundbites podcast and check out an episode Suzanne and I did together about, um, running your business as, um, you know, more of a mature business owner.

Suzanne (29:18):

Yeah. I enjoyed being your guest. I have to say it was, it was great to talk to you. So we’ll put all the links to all those in the show notes so that people can, you know, just pop over and, and hop on and find out more. But thank you very much. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you.


You’re welcome. Thank you for your time.

Suzanne (29:36):

No, it’s, it’s been a pleasure. Absolute pleasure. Um, so thank you to our listeners for listening today. I’m sure you found Joe’s approach to business marketing as interesting as I did and that you’ll be checking out her resources. So if you’ve got any comments you want to make, then as always, you know, feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram or send me an email, Suzanne@Suzannemountain.com and let me know what you think. 

It’s been a great pleasure to speak with Jo today and I will be back to speak to you all again next week. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. 

That’s a wrap for today. Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate, and review the midlife business show. And if you’ve enjoyed it, tell your business buddies all about it. 


Bye for now.


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