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Suzanne Mountain is just a brilliant coach she is full of ideas and always amazing to talk with.

I highly recommend booking her if you need help with your business. She always knows exactly what you need to move forward in your business!

If you are stuck or need to bounce ideas off someone she is the person. 

Why? Because she knows her tech, marketing and strategy planning for business plus it’s like talking to a good friend.

Thank you Suzanne for your support.

Bettina Siddiqi

Busy B Solutions

I lacked confidence in my ability to grow my business.

Suzanne was always at the end of the phone when I needed support to achieve my goals.

I would highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone wanting a business coach or mentor who needs that little bit extra on the mindset front.

Siobhan Elliot

Your Peaceful Heart

I wanted to merge my online and offline businesses together and tried doing this myself but got in a right mess!

Suzanne guided me through the merge and opened me up to ideas that I had never thought about before.

Suzanne has a wealth of social media and email marketing knowledge, strategies and experience to help nurture and grow both my online and offline audience.

Suzanne’s calm & reassuring and showed me how to simplify tasks that at first sight looked monumental to me!

Working with Suzanne is such a positive experience and has given me the confidence to make my business work and grow at the pace that is right for me.”

Jane Long

Jane Long Wellbeing

I decided to investigate coaching after a friend had suggested it might be what I need in order to support a plan that was in the making; starting a new business. On my side, I had the plan, the passion, the conviction, and the experience of running a business in a previous lifetime. Against me, I had ‘the fear’. Actually, I had two types of fear. The first type was welcome and necessary – the anticipation, the commitment, the finality of leaving a job. The pros, the cons, the ‘will this actually work’ feelings which are tempered with solid planning and resourcing. But I also had a large dose of the second, destructive type of fear. Self-doubt. A loss of confidence.

In hindsight, a form of depression from which the escape seemed to be the creation of this new business. I was aware that unpicking the tangled web from escapism, to healing, to planning and execution was going to take a special kind expertise and so, I set to task with ‘Operation Mojo’ which landed me at the door of Suzanne Mountain.

My first question to Suzanne: ‘What is the difference between counselling and coaching?’ Suzanne: ‘There is an overlap of course – but counselling will focus on yesterday whereas life coaching will focus on tomorrow’. Sign me up!

Suzanne was outstanding. Allowing the natural pace of such a rebuild is one thing –keeping me on the right path was another. She did both, no problem. At times, the work was challenging, but in the main, it was exhilarating. After 6 sessions, 1 per month, I am now clear, energised and have many of the plans required to be business ready underway. It is no longer a form of escapism. I don’t need that escapism anymore (a significant statement indeed). I still have the fear though. But it’s the right one. The one that is exciting. The one where plans are made and executed. I feel alive.

I went to Suzanne to change my life – and that is exactly what she did. My eternal thanks.

Darren Rowe

I lacked confidence in my ability to grow my business and felt that everything was very disjointed. I had two websites that I didn’t like and didn’t know where to start and felt technically helpless and overwhelmed.

Suzanne listened to me and then calmly helped me come up with a plan of what needed to be done to achieve my short- term goals and because she broke it down and managed the process it felt much easier to do.

Suzanne’s mentoring exceeded my expectations. She was always at the end of the phone when needed and supported me constantly, even through some tricky situations.  I have completed an amazing rebrand and have a new website I love. I have more clients and am growing all the time. Most of all, I have a new confidence in myself and my ability to achieve my goals.

I would highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone wanting a business coach or mentor who needs that little bit extra on the mindset front.

Alison Jones

I needed change. I was under-stimulated in the work I had been doing for many years and felt like I needed a new, bigger challenge… I just didn’t know how to do it. I wasn’t sure which direction to take my business and had very little idea of how to make it work better for me. I didn’t know what I didn’t know!

Suzanne asked many insightful questions that helped me get to the crux of the matter, and helped my rather ‘magpie’ mind stick to one thing at a time. I feel like I’m in really safe hands when I’m working with Suzanne and really trust her judgement: she is clever and sees through situations quickly and clearly. When she revealed her analysis of my situation, it was like having a light switch on, so I was no longer scrabbling around in the dark. Suzanne listens so well and remembers everything (without writing it down!); she understands how I feel and how I like to work, offering just the right amount of challenge every time we meet. Her support has been invaluable – helping me to recognise and do what I want. I love the way she offers choices so that I keep on task – which seems to me like she has ‘read’ my situation accurately and knows how to help me get the best from myself.

I feel like my business has grown exponentially since working with Suzanne. For me, it wasn’t so much a lack of confidence as a lack of know-how, and Suzanne has played the ideal coach and mentor role for me – offering practical advice and information at one point, then perceptive questions and challenges in the next. I love the mix of ideas she brings, always solution-focused and enthusiastic. Nothing is a bother to her and I really value her opinion. Family and friends have noticed the significant changes in me and my business know-how since working with Suzanne, too. It feels like I’m not playing at having a small business anymore: I’m here to stay and grow and learn.


Clean Well Being

I had a big decision to make about my life – whether to stay with my employer when they move location, or stay local and look for a new challenge. I’ve always found Suzanne’s Facebook page really helpful – full of advice and tips that resonated with me, so I turned to her for some more structured support in making this decision.
In our intensive one to one session, Suzanne listened to all the aspects I was struggling with and really helped me focus on the issues that mattered most at this stage, rather than be sidetracked by the things that I would only need to deal with after I’d decided what to do. Once I’d done that, the decision seemed much clearer. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my back and I can look to the future with relish.
I look forward to working with Suzanne again as I move forward.

Sarah Stuffins

I worked with Suzanne on building my confidence and assertiveness. Everybody thought I was confident but they didn’t know what was going on inside where I was quietly simmering! I was unable to say what I really thought and was cross with myself for not handling things differently.
I felt like a doormat!
The change has been amazing. I am now more aware of my thinking, my body language and behaviour.
Now I put myself across confidently with my customers, my husband and even my daughter’s teacher!

Julie Bromley

Suzanne was recommended to me as I had been looking for a coach to work with for the past number of months. From the beginning, I found Suzanne to be extremely personable and felt we made a connection straight away. I was slightly nervous about carrying our sessions out through Skype but after a few minutes into our session, I forgot that we weren’t talking in person!
Suzanne has been instrumental in helping me grow my business, drill down on specific goals and asking those all important questions!! As a small business owner, she has got to know what I do and what makes me tick!
I would highly recommend Suzanne to any business owner or female entrepreneurs who wants to grow their business and work with a like-minded individual that is passionate about what she does!!

Denise Brady


I have been working with Suzanne on her Business Accountability Board for a month now and just wow! I seriously wished I’d done this before. Within a week, I’d noticed a difference in my business and myself. I honestly can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough. She has changed everything for me. She is patient, kind, supportive, understanding and so many other wonderful qualities. She is a fountain of all knowledge – if Suzanne doesn’t know it then its not worth knowing. All aspects of the business are covered and covered expertly too! She brings out qualities in you that you never knew you had, and gives you alternative ways to think about things. If you are procrastinating then STOP – just do it, you honestly wont regret one single second.

I love working with Suzanne and honestly wished I’d done this months ago.

Donna Vittozzi

Baileys New Cars Direct

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