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How to step fully into your purpose

In this week’s episode, I talk to you about being soul-aligned in your business and how to step fully into your purpose so that you can create more in your life.

By the time we get to midlife, we recognise how precious our time is and creating a soul-aligned business will allow you to feel a sense of freedom and purpose, which in turn will make you excited to be alive and to be serving your clients. 


Episode Highlights:

  • (02:41) When someone else makes our decisions for us, we can start to feel out of alignment
  • (03:58) Taking a leap of faith with help you grow
  • (05:13) How did you decide what your business was going to be?
  • (07:09) What do I mean when I say, “alignment”? 
  • (09:28) Before you can step into your soul’s true purpose you need to get super clear and radically honest
  • (10:11) My favourite tool for self-discovery is journaling
  • (11:06) Questions on how to get to the truth about your current situation



Hello, and welcome to the Midlife Business Show with Suzanne Mountain. This is the podcast that celebrates all those of us who are building a business during our middle years. I’m an ex corporate girl who started my business six years ago in my fifties. And I’m loving it. This podcast is here to inspire you with conversations with other entrepreneurs about the messy and magical ups and downs of this period of our lives. Plus, I’ll be sharing simple, actionable step by step strategies to help you build a business with impact and a life that you love


Welcome to today’s episode of the Midlife Business Show. 

Today, I’m going to talk to you about being soul aligned in your business. 

And I’m going to start talking about how to step fully into your purpose so that you can create more in your life. If you are listening to this, you know, there’s more to life than sitting behind your computer or on Zoom calls. 

And by the time we get to midlife, we recognise how precious our time is. 

Creating a soul aligned business will allow you to feel a sense of freedom and purpose, which in turn will make you excited to be alive and to be serving your clients. 

Now, this description is a bit oversimplified, but you can see the ripple effect. It’s tremendously powerful, especially when you see it in action. 


I want you to think back quite a few years, when you were a little child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Thinking about that question can yield some good insights into how big you used to dream and where your interests lay at the time.


Of course interests change throughout the years. And these memories will give you some place to start reminiscing. 

Think about when you left school, what was your path? 

Did you go to university or did you go straight into work? 

Was it chosen for you or did you choose it yourself? 

Do you remember how you felt at the time? 

I think our generation, for many of us, we got trapped into choosing university or careers because our parents, our friends or other family members made the suggestion.  

Perhaps when you were younger and impressionable, it was hard to ignore when uncle Jim says you’ll make a really great lawyer because you like to argue with everyone. Even though you’d never once thought about going to law school or studying law at university, that simple suggestion can take hold in your brain. When someone else makes our decisions for us, we can start to feel out of alignment.


Even if we can’t verbally describe it at a young age, just as a chiropractor will study the alignment of your spine, if we’re out of alignment with our business choices, we’ll start to feel mentally and physically strained. 

And of course, for many of us, we went into careers without really understanding what work was all about. 

And now as we reach midlife, we want to do something that’s fulfilling. Something that makes a difference. 

If we worry, we’ve made the wrong choices, that mental anguish can be really debilitating. 

For the sake of your physical and mental health it’s vitally important to learn how to forgive yourself from making missteps and how to realign ourselves with our business model. 


Now realignment requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Maybe that’s giving up the paid career. Maybe that’s doing something completely different that your family won’t  approve of.


So I want you to ask yourself, when was the last time you did that? 

Our egos want us to remain safe and happy, right? Where we are in life. It’s scary trying something new, but taking a leap of faith, no matter how big or small, is what will help you grow.  

That leap that makes our palms sweaty just thinking about it, is what will make for a better business and help you live a more fulfilled life. 

A transformed person is often happier because they are fulfilled in every aspect of their lives because they’re in alignment with their vision of the future and with their own values. 

And let’s be honest. An aligned person is a better spouse, parent, friend and boss simply because they know in their soul that they have been put on this planet for a great reason. Life is full of choices.


And if you’re unhappy in your life, business, and  personal, I’m here to remind you that you are in control and you can make choices that help you to find your greater purpose and to align your business with your core values. 

Now, I’ve got quite a bit, I want to go through today, but I’d really like you to pause for now and grab some paper for notes because there’s some exercises I want you to do. 


Let’s get started. 

So I want you to get really honest about what your soul is screaming to share. 

  • How did you decide what your business was going to be? 
  • How did you choose your business model? 
  • Whether it’s online or face to face, how did you decide what service to provide or product to sell? 


So many business owners get into business, doing something they’re good at or something that can easily make them money.


And that may be an easy way to get started to fill a need, but it isn’t enough to keep you in business satisfied for years to come. 

We’re often taught to think about other people when choosing our work to serve our community questions, like what problem can you solve for others? And I ask my clients these questions too. 


And another one is, what are you good at that others will pay for? 

These are commonplace, starting points for new business owners. And there’s certainly value in approaching business from a serving point of view because you won’t come across as desperate when pitching new clients. 

And you’ll likely pay attention to details because you care about your clients and don’t think of them just as a number. But how long can you serve others if you are not in your soul aligned business to begin with. That said, if we go into business doing something we’re good at, or we know we’ll make us money, but don’t truly believe it’s what we’re meant to be doing or know it’s not what we want to be doing it’s likely to catch up on us. 

We may start to feel burnt out and we certainly won’t be excited in the morning to get up and get to work. We could even start to feel resentment towards our clients. We may procrastinate about getting the work done or prepping for client calls, which in turn hurts our clients. And we don’t serve them as well as we could, reaching this phase is the exact opposite of what got us started in the business in the first place. 


So what do I mean when I say alignment?  

Quite simply being aligned means that what you think, feel, do and say are working towards a common goal. And this common goal is not simply to make money or take care of your family. A soul aligned common goal is much bigger. It’s that purpose that moves you to tears.


It’s what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. The only way to figure out if we are in alignment is to pay close attention to what we’re thinking, feeling, saying, and doing. And to be really honest about it. 

Some people think the idea of alignment is a bit woo, woo, and impractical, but that’s because many business owners don’t pay attention to what their soul wants. They’re too focused on pursuing money. 

Money and profits are of course an important part of running a business, but you’ll find much more fulfillment if you are serving a higher purpose too.  

It’s time to get into alignment and start making changes to your business in life that allow you to step fully into your purpose. Consider this the same as the safety warning before an airplane takes off: place the oxygen mask on yourself first, before sharing it with others. The same is true here. 


Come into alignment with your business first and you’ll serve others better. 

The great news is that we all have different purposes. We all thrive in different environments, have different gifts, energy levels, temperaments, personality, types, and experiences. This means we’re all uniquely designed to pursue the very things we truly want to pursue. 


Nobody has your unique blend of education, skillset, interests, and talents. The things you are passionate about, aren’t random, they are your calling. Whether you already know exactly what your soul longs to do, or you can’t seem to pinpoint it just yet, I’m going to help you get crystal clear about what you are here to do and how to start making it happen. So let’s do a deep dive to define and ditch what doesn’t align with your unique path. Before you can step into your soul’s true purpose.


It’s important to get super clear and radically honest about how you feel about your business right now.  

Some business owners who are successful in making money are not aligned. Yes, that’s certainly possible even if you are out of alignment, have difficulty admitting that what they’re doing isn’t their true calling.  

Or they find ways to step around the alignment question and convince themselves that this is all there is to life. 

I invite you to think about the possibility of making money, running a successful midlife business and living a life dedicated to a bigger purpose. 

Now, my favourite tool for self discovery is journaling. 

And it’s especially helpful for those who aren’t quite sure what their calling is yet.


Maybe you’ve had some ideas, but then dismiss them as irrelevant or unimportant. Or maybe you are stuck thinking about money and income. No worries just sit with a journal or notebook and start writing down thoughts.


Don’t think about it too much. 

Just let your mind wander and see what feelings and ideas rise to the surface. 

I recommend finding a quiet place to do this either first thing in the morning or before bed, there’s no right or wrong way to journal. And the idea is to just let the words, thoughts, and feelings flow out of your body without editing or worrying about what others will think.

 If you are someone who prefers specific journal prompts, here are some questions for you to get to the truth about your current situation. 


I encourage you to be brutally truthful here. Nobody is going to see this, but you, so the first question is: 

  • what are you currently doing that, you know, you don’t enjoy?
  •  Tony Robbins asks which tasks in your business feel like you have to push to get them done? Which tasks in your business feel like a pull as in they flow easily for you?
  • And the next question, why are you really in your current business? 


Now popular reasons people are doing the work that’s unaligned is because they need the money. It makes them a lot of money or they get lots of recognition or it gives them power or influence.


  • So consider what’s this current line of work giving you that keeps you holding onto it?  
  • Why did you start this business? It’s radical honesty time. 
  • Did you choose this line of business because somebody else suggested it? Did you choose it to impress someone else or worse to please them? 
  • When you talk about your business, do you tend to say things like I should, or I need to, rather than I want to? 
  • Do you ever feel like you settled on your current business because you are scared you can’t make it in a more unconventional calling?  
  • Ask yourself how often you procrastinate when it comes to doing your work? 
  • Do you hold off on things that would take you to the next level in this business? If so, this might be because you truly don’t love the work. 
  • Do you tend to follow strategies that don’t feel good and then regret it?


  • Do you ever feel like you’re putting on an act or not being your authentic self in your business?
  •  Or do you feel like you are constantly looking for the next magic pill to make your business feel better, but you rarely follow through? 
  • Are you constantly downloading freebies to try and fix your business? That could be an indication that this is not the right business for you. 
  • Does your current business require you to do things that go against your values? 
  • Do you ever implement marketing strategies or work with clients you don’t love? For example, are things not working out for you despite your best efforts. This can be a sign you are out of alignment with your true path. 
  • If there’s anything else you’d like to get off your chest about what you don’t love about your current business now is the time. 

 I highly encourage you to dig deep with these prompts for each answer.


As you write, ask yourself why? Give an example, so you’ll remember when you go back to read these answers.  

Embrace any feelings that arise and allow them to flow freely. You never have to feel badly for being a human with feelings. 

Too many times, we hide those feelings under a facade of being strong, but at some point that dam will break. So allow those feelings to come out. 

Hopefully these questions helped you gain a bit more insight into what’s not working and also gave you an opportunity to be honest, perhaps for the first time. 

The truth is if you’re out of alignment too long, things will get hard either. What was working will suddenly stop or you’ll burn up or your burnout that said you can now make the choice not to go that far and to instead start making tiny moves to your current business to step more into alignment.


I hope I’ve given you plenty of food for thought in this episode. 

I’d love to know how you get on with the exercises I’ve taken you through today. So please feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram or to send me an email suzanne@suzannemountain.com. 

If this episode proves popular, then I will return to this topic next week and talk about how to get clear on what you are divinely designed to create in your life. 

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I look forward to speaking to you next week. Okay. 

That’s a wrap for today. 

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