Welcome to The Midlife Business Show.

The podcast for business owners in their midlife and beyond who want to make money from their online presence and grow a business that supports the lifestyle they dream of.

I’m on a mission to help you realise that you’re not too old to learn how to build and connect with your audience online, learn how to use new technology and show up online.

In the show, I will be sharing learnings from my own business journey during the past six years along with a mix of Psychology and Neuroscience from my studies and thirty-year corporate career as a senior leader in the UK learning and development world.

Each episode is designed to motivate you by sharing a mix of practical strategies and techniques for making more money and support with overcoming those pesky mindset gremlins that stop midlife entrepreneurs from achieving their full potential and dreams. There will also be inspiring interviews with other non-millennial business owners about the magical and messy ups and downs of growing a business during this phase of our lives.

I’ve has built an online coaching business that has enabled me to move to live in my happy place by the gorgeous East Sussex coast where I enjoy beach walks with my husband and a cheeky G&T at the weekend.

You can find the podcast on all your favourite podcast channels. Please subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode. If you enjoy the podcast then please rate it and share it with your business friends and family.

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